The Most Favorable Interest Loan

Within the scope of favorable interest loan , banks sign some campaigns. Campaigns can be periodic or long-term in line with bank policies. Most banks do not require guarantors or guarantees within the scope of banks’ most favorable low-interest loan facilities. See for further editorial

Characteristics of Loans with the Most Favorable Interest

Characteristics of Loans with the Most Favorable Interest

The loans with the lowest interest reflect the working policy of the banks. In this context, some banks’ loan interest rates vary depending on the maturity amount, and some vary according to the loan amount received. When banks start making announcements about low interest loans, they do this by calculating the lowest loan amount with the longest term.

For example, if the bank calculates a loan amounting to USD 1,000 for 60 months, it calculates monthly interest rate of 1.60 and makes the announcement of the loan through this calculation. However, loans have an increasing interest rate as the maturity amount decreases. You also have the chance to receive a loan amounting to USD 1,000 with a interest rate of 2.04% in 3 months. For this reason, the calculations of low interest loans should be very well made, and a comparison should be made among the banks to decide which loan is desired to be taken.

The loans with the lowest interest are given within the scope of consumer loans from 1.000 USD to 50.000 USD. These loans allow maturities from 1/3 to 60 months. When it is agreed on the interest rates of the loans, if the loan is not paid, the agreed interest amount is canceled and a new structuring process is started. You may need to pay at a much higher rate than the interest rate you agreed under this configuration. Besides, surety and guarantee are rarely required for these loans. In the loan application, your credit rating and previous bank debts are considered.

Documents Required for the Application to the Lowest Interest Consumer Loan

Documents Required for the Application to the Lowest Interest Consumer Loan

The documents required for the consumer loan application can be listed as follows:

  • For private sector employees;
    • Payroll
    • SGK breakdown
    • Certificate of residence
    • Signature circular of the workplace
    • In case of additional income, income certificate
  • For public employees;
    • Payroll
    • Certificate of residence
    • In case of additional income, income certificate
  • For retirees;
    • Retirement monthly breakdown
    • Certificate of residence
    • Additional income document
  • For business owners;
    • Current tax plate
    • Signature Circulars
    • Room registration document
    • Balance sheet and income statement
    • Additional income document

In case these documents exist, application loans can be applied.

Application Ways for the Lowest Interest Loans

Application Ways for the Lowest Interest Loans

The fields of application for the loans with the lowest interest can be listed as follows:

  • Banks branches
  • Credit comparison sites
  • From banks’ online banking and internet branches
  • From bank call centers
  • From the bank customer representatives with a text message
  • From the customer representatives via call
  • Applications are received from bank ATMs.

The interest rates of  banks are like this. In this context, you can find the bank that suits you the most in line with your needs by making comparisons on the lowest interest loan . You can use the loan calculator on our site to calculate loans from more banks.


Flexible Liquid Quick Loan Features

Because of a speck of indigo, broken milk sebelanga. This proverb is suitable for describing the condition of the trend of fast liquid loans from increasingly busy online sites. So many sites or online applications that offer quick liquid loans. But there are also some of them who are naughty and intend to cheat. In fact, a service in the form of an online loan is very useful for those who need it. When access to bank loans is hampered, online loans are the solution.

Without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic to come to the bank, loan funds can be grabbed immediately. No need to get out of transportation money again. Moreover, the offer of liquid fast loans that are the mainstay of the site or online application is more interesting than the credit process at the bank, which is more time consuming. Even more alarming, already hit by traffic, out of costs, waiting a long time, uh, loans declined by the bank.


That’s why online loans are a favorite


Evidently, if you enter the keyword “loan” in the Google Play Store or App Store, there will be a large selection of applications that offer liquid loans without any conditions, including guarantees.

That is one of the things that triggers the evil intentions of the people behind online loan providers who want to deceive consumers. For the public, especially laypeople, the knowledge to distinguish which liquid loan providers are deceptive and which must not be owned.

Here are the characteristics of deceptive liquid loans.


Not transparent

credit loans

Speaking of money, transparency is a must. Avoid online loan providers that do not provide clear and complete information.

That information includes fees and interest. Late payment fees, for example. Some charge late fees on a daily basis. If the total is a month, the amount could exceed the principal repayments.

If this information was explained from the beginning, surely people would not apply for a loan there. So things like that are hidden, usually covered by the lure of all kinds.


Terms are extremely easy

credit cards

It is true, one of the advantages of liquid fast loans offered online is the easy conditions. But that does not mean these conditions are as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

For example, there is no need for verification, which is important to provide personal data. The standard procedure for granting loans includes verification of the loan applicant. This is important to ensure the loan is in accordance with the target and can later be returned.

If there are no such conditions, maybe it’s just a mode to steal personal data. After the data is collected, communication is immediately cut off and they disappear like being engulfed by the earth.


Request private data

private loans

Online loan applications or sites request that data to the applicant is reasonable. But not all data can be provided, or that which includes private data.

Usually the data needed is according to the resident card, such as name, place / date of birth, and address. Other data such as tax identification number.

If they promise a quick liquid loan by requesting private data such as email passwords or even account PIN numbers, it’s better to immediately communicate. Such data can only be accessed by oneself, it cannot be shared with others because it is vulnerable to lead to criminality, such as account break-ins.


Pay first

money loan

This is the weirdest one. People want to find a loan, but are told to pay first. This fee is usually referred to as a down payment.

The promise later will reduce the number of the first installment. But, when it has been paid, let alone loans quickly disbursed, they will immediately run away.

This mode is more often used offline loan sharks. But it is also possible for online loan providers to do it, especially those who offer via email or SMS.


Not registered with OJK


This last characteristic is not 100 percent, indicating that online loan providers are deceptive. But the possibility of online loan applications or sites registered with the Financial Services Authority to cheat tends to be smaller than those that are not.

Because OJK has its own standards to allow operational activities of loan providers. If not registered, they may not meet these standards. Or it could be that registration is still in process.

To find out, you can check the OJK site periodically and ask directly to the site manager or application that provides fast liquid online loan services.

In addition, try googling or search for the name of the site or related application on the Internet. If there is news about a case involving them, it’s better to step back instead of getting into trouble.

No matter how urgent your needs for loans are, caution must still be given priority. Avoid grasping to see the tempting lure of the loan provider to neglect to ensure security.


4 Tips for Choosing a Safe and Reliable Online Loan

In the midst of the many online loan options, getting one that is safe and reliable can be a difficult homework. Fortunately there is the Internet that makes life easier, including hunting for reliable online money loans. With the online concept, this money loan can be accessed and obtained without the need to go to an online money lender’s office. That means their services are posted on the Internet so they can be easily compared.

In addition, there is no need to open one by one online lender sites to compare. There is already a financial services comparison site that provides help with that. You can see which direct online liquid loans are the fastest process. Likewise, online loans without collateral are safe and reliable.

To choose an online money loan, the following tips can be practiced:


Check the sign has been registered with OJK

credit loans

Institutions that provide online or regular loans must be registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). OJK is the party authorized to regulate and oversee the activities of financial institutions in Indonesia.

The online money lender’s site should have listed information already registered with the OJK. Usually the information is at the bottom of the site. Or if the online loan is on a smart phone application, see the information before downloading.

If registered, the application must include that information. Because, registered status is a guarantee that their online money loans are safe and reliable.


Learn the costs

money loans

Don’t be tempted by the promise of a direct online loan. Look and learn first the costs that accompany it. These fees must be clearly notified in advance. Costs that often arise in the loan process include:

– Provision: a kind of service fee because the loan is approved.
– Administration: money to administer loan administration, sometimes combined with provisions.
– Fines: imposed if the installments are late.
– Penalty: charged when repayment is accelerated.

There are online loans that do not charge a provision or administrative fee. This is worth choosing, but look at other costs as well. Fines should be calculated per month, not per day. For example, late payment of seven days, fines should not be calculated for seven days, but for one month. It could be a bad lender by wearing a daily fine, which is ultimately greater than a monthly fine.

The matter of penalty fees must also be clear, whether there is or not. If there is, how is the calculation. Naturally, penalty fees are calculated from the remaining unpaid ceiling. For example, a loan of USD 10 million with a tenor of 10 months and installments of USD 1 million per month. When up to the eighth month or installments have been paid $ 8 million, it turns out there is sustenance.

Then the debt is paid right away. Take for example the 2 percent penalty fee, what should be added is 2 percent x $ (10 million-8 million) = $ 40 thousand. You should avoid online money loans that ask for a penalty in the form of a percentage of the total ceiling, not the remaining ceiling that has not been paid.


Any conditions

loan conditions

Terms of direct online liquid loans are generally easier than regular credit from banks. An identity card is certain. Likewise, the main number of taxpayers. Most also do not require a credit card.

If there are odd conditions, such as giving credit card photos back and forth, it’s better not to use his services. Credit card numbers must be kept confidential, especially the three digit numbers on the back of the card. Therefore, that number can be used as a tool for transaction validation.

Another strange condition is that you have to pay first to get a loan. This is clearly fraud. It makes no sense if someone who needs a loan is actually asked to provide money to the borrower.


Site is locked

Site is locked

Make sure the online loan provider site has a locked padlock sign on the top left side of the address. Look in the left hand corner of your computer or cellphone screen for locked locks. If there is, it means that security is more guaranteed.

A trusted online money lender must make sure there is a locked padlock on his site. If the padlock is open or there is a scratch mark, it’s better to look for a loan somewhere else.

One other way to choose a safe and reliable online loan is to seek the advice of acquaintances or relatives who have used the services of related institutions. But not everyone has ever looked for a loan online. This method can be used as an additional after taking the four previous methods.


Private loan between individuals.

Spin Lender is your perfect alid if you are thinking about requesting a private loan between individuals. A private loan between individuals is the option to consider if you need financing almost instantaneously and / or you cannot go to a bank for any reason.

We work for individuals and companies, we study all requests in less than 24 hours and we deliver the money on average in 5 business days.

Private loan between individuals

Private loan between individuals

The conditions that banks put when accessing a loan are quite demanding. In the majority of occasions when contracting a loan we must also keep alternative products such as insurance or retirement plans. These products are certainly not advantageous enough compared to the competition. On other occasions, even by contracting products associated with the opening of a loan, we will not be able to obtain financing through a bank. If that is the situation, a private loan between individuals is the solution to the quagmire.

Spin Lender has more than 6 years of experience in the private financing sector. Contact us now so that we can study your private loan application between individuals.

Access requirements

Access requirements

Spin Lender wants to protect at all costs the interests of all the parties involved in the opening of a private loan between individuals. For this reason, we require that the applicant meets two mandatory loading conditions in order to open a financing line.

This figure allows us to cover all the fixed costs associated with the opening of the private loan between individuals, while offering a competitive interest rate that will always be between 9% and 12%.

It can be any type of real estate property: an apartment, an apartment, a commercial premises, the industrial warehouse of the company. This property will act as a guarantee to open the line of financing of private loan between individuals. Spin Lender asks for a simple note from the Property Registry in which the name of the owner appears and therefore demonstrates that the applicant has ownership of the property that he presents as a guarantee. Spin Lender will carry out a property appraisal process in order to determine the maximum amount of the value that the private loan may have between individuals: we will deliver approximately 30% of the value of the property delivered as collateral.

Private loan between individuals with guarantees

Private loan between individuals with guarantees

Spin Lender wants to totally get away from fast loan companies that give money without asking questions but in return demand exaggerated repayment interest and totally inflexible conditions.

Each of the private loan applications between individuals that come to Spin Lender is studied independently to determine that the applicant is not in an economic and financial impasse and that therefore the operation presents too much risk.

In addition, we sign all our private loans between individuals before a notary, just as any bank would do. In this way we avoid vices that harm any of the signatory parties.

Total flexibility in your private loan between individuals

Total flexibility in your private loan between individuals

Financing through private lenders is somewhat more expensive than bank financing, but in exchange you have total flexibility and you can choose the way to repay your loan. At Spin Lender we let the client choose each of the conditions for the return of their loan.

  • We let you choose the duration, the number of installments, the type of payment and the type of amortization.
  • You can repay your loan in a period ranging from 1 to 10 years and you will have an advisor who will guide you throughout the life of your loan so that the repayment of the debt does not negatively impact your financial day to day.

Small loan without credit bureau in comparison.

 Those who cannot get a German installment or consumer loan often go in search of alternatives. A small loan without Credit Bureau from abroad could be the solution. In this context, however, it would be very important to make a comparison and pay attention to whether the lender is serious or makes unrealistic promises that he cannot keep in the end.

Small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison – the requirements

Small loan without Schufa in comparison - the requirements

A small loan is usually spoken of when the loan amount does not exceed a few hundred or a few thousand USD. A small loan, however, is a completely normal installment loan, which the borrower is almost always free to use. Cream bank customers who have poor Credit Bureau information and / or a low income have almost no chance of getting an installment, consumer or small loan.

A small loan without Credit Bureau from abroad requires a regular income, but does not require positive Credit Bureau information. A small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison can provide more detailed information on this and other issues.

Small loan without Credit Bureau in comparison – application and approval

Small loan without Schufa in comparison - application and approval

Most loans without Credit Bureau are available through a German credit intermediary. Alternatively, there would be the option to contact the lending bank directly. However, an application on site is not necessary. When choosing a suitable lender, it is important to pay attention to whether they require any upfront costs or fees for credit counseling.

In this case it would be better to look for other alternatives. A reputable lender will include the fees incurred when applying for a loan and during the term in the monthly loan installments and will not collect the customer in advance.

After the application is made, it is checked whether the borrower meets all the requirements. If this is the case, the small loan can be paid out within a few days. This can be done by bank transfer or cash payment. The latter variant provides maximum discretion and guarantees that neither the house bank, nor the employer or anyone else will find out about the loan. The repayment can also be handled discreetly. A bank transfer or direct debit would be just as conceivable here as a cash payment at the post office counter.


Consumer Loan Interest Rates and Tips

Consumer loan interest rates were fixed at 2.2%. The maximum loan amount of the bank is also quite high with the amount of 100.000 USD compared to other banks. The lowest amount of Good Finance interest rates consumer loan is 3.000 USD.

Promising in Good Finance Consumer Loan


Good Finance general purpose loan maturity can range from 1 month to 60 months. For a loan payment plan to be made taking into account the minimum loan amount;

In the 48-month average term, the allocation fee will be 15.00 USD. The amount to be repaid is determined as 5.341 USD for 3.000 USD. In this context, the monthly amount to be paid is 110.97 USD.

If the highest loan amount is 100.000 USD in 48-month maturity, the amount to be repaid will be 178.050 USD. In this case, the loan allocation fee will be 500 USD. The amount to be paid in monthly installments of 3.698.96 USD is collected by the bank from the accounts when necessary.

Documents Required for Good Finance Consumer Loan


The documents required for Good Finance while obtaining a general-purpose loan are as follows:

  • Application form to be filled in online or available from branches
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Document showing income document
  • Guarantee and guarantor where the bank deems necessary

In the event that these documents are present, if there is no problem in the credit rating, credit can be obtained.

Good Finance Pension Loan Interest Rate

Good Finance offers retirees a loan with a 48-month maturity and a 3-month loan. The interest rate of this loan is 1.69% regardless of maturity and loan amount.

This campaign, available to retirees over 60, is at the limit of 30,000 USD. Those who want to take advantage of this type of loan will have to pay 0.5% financing allocation fee. In addition, no credit is given if life insurance premiums are not paid.

The sample payment plan for retirees who use 30.000 USD loan is as follows:

  • 2,842 USD each month for a 12-month term, totaling 34,100 USD
  • 1.591 USD per month for 24 months maturity, 38.188 USD in total
  • 1.182 USD per month for a 36-month maturity, a total of 42.562 USD
  • For a 48-month maturity, 984 USD will be paid each month and a total of 47.215 USD will be paid.

Good Finance Application for Special Needs Loans to Retirees


For retirees, a personal identity card and retirement monthly breakdown are required to apply for consumer loans . With these documents, applications can be made to the nearest Good Finance branches.

For retirement monthly salary breakdown, retirees will need to go to the branches of the banks from which they receive salary. Although retirees who receive their pensions from Good Finance do not need to receive this document, retirees who have an account at Good Finance are more advantageous in this regard.

The applications made in this way are evaluated within 24 hours. Good Finance can get its loans from its accounts with the general purpose loan payment made to the demand account opened at the time of application.

However, for the consumers who have not opened their accounts during the application, an account opening service will be realized again.

Retirement Needs Loan and Age Limit


The age limit in retirement loans for retirees is 80. People under the age of 80 and over 60 can benefit from this loan. 79 year olds can use this loan with a maximum term of 1 year and 78 year olds with a term of 2 years. In this way, all retirees can only benefit from this loan with maturities over 80 years old.

However, there is no limit for retirees under the age of 70. In addition to this, besides the advantages of unchanging interest rates, the bank has reduced the life insurance premiums of retirees.

Good Finance’s retirement accounts for the use of consumer loans will allow Good Finance to take advantage of its loan benefits.


What is the wear rate on a loan buy-back?



When we talk about rates, we mainly think of interest rates. With the current environment, it is very likely that you have heard of the historically low level of borrowing rates. But what does the wear rate have to do with them? Find out how these two indices are linked!

What is the wear rate?

What is the wear rate?

The usury rate is the maximum interest rate at which your bank can grant you a loan. It is defined by the bank according to the characteristics of each financing.

As part of your loan repurchase, it is possible that the presence of a mortgage can vary the rate of wear. In fact, if a mortgage is part of the credits bought back, the share it occupies in the redemption amount changes the rate of wear and tear obtained. There are also usury rates adapted to each type of loan repurchase, depending in particular on:

  • the nature of the interest rate on the loan granted (fixed or variable),
  • the nature of the loan granted (classic or bridge).

In early May, we showed you these differences during our analysis of wear rates in the 1st quarter of 2016.

Why should you care?

Why should you care?

This is a good benchmark for knowing whether making a loan buy-back is more or less appropriate at a particular time of the year. Be careful, however, not to consider rates as the only decision criterion: buying back your credits must be a response to a clearly identified need.

So, if you have increasing repayment difficulties, do not wait until the next quarter to redeem your credits! Mainly for two reasons:

  • your financial situation may have worsened by then,
  • wear rates for the next quarter may have increased.

When your budget stability and your quality of life are at stake, it is risky to seek the best rate at all costs. The repurchase of loans brings immediate relief with a monthly drop of $ 530 on average. Do not hesitate to ask an online broker for this operation: he is the specialist and will find for you the most advantageous offer.

Average decrease obtained on credit consolidation files validated over the whole of 2015. In the case of credit consolidation, when the transaction results in a reduction in the amount of monthly payments, this may result an extension of the credit repayment period or increase its total cost. The reduction depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.