Consumer Loan Interest Rates and Tips

Consumer loan interest rates were fixed at 2.2%. The maximum loan amount of the bank is also quite high with the amount of 100.000 USD compared to other banks. The lowest amount of Good Finance interest rates consumer loan is 3.000 USD.

Promising in Good Finance Consumer Loan


Good Finance general purpose loan maturity can range from 1 month to 60 months. For a loan payment plan to be made taking into account the minimum loan amount;

In the 48-month average term, the allocation fee will be 15.00 USD. The amount to be repaid is determined as 5.341 USD for 3.000 USD. In this context, the monthly amount to be paid is 110.97 USD.

If the highest loan amount is 100.000 USD in 48-month maturity, the amount to be repaid will be 178.050 USD. In this case, the loan allocation fee will be 500 USD. The amount to be paid in monthly installments of 3.698.96 USD is collected by the bank from the accounts when necessary.

Documents Required for Good Finance Consumer Loan


The documents required for Good Finance while obtaining a general-purpose loan are as follows:

  • Application form to be filled in online or available from branches
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Document showing income document
  • Guarantee and guarantor where the bank deems necessary

In the event that these documents are present, if there is no problem in the credit rating, credit can be obtained.

Good Finance Pension Loan Interest Rate

Good Finance offers retirees a loan with a 48-month maturity and a 3-month loan. The interest rate of this loan is 1.69% regardless of maturity and loan amount.

This campaign, available to retirees over 60, is at the limit of 30,000 USD. Those who want to take advantage of this type of loan will have to pay 0.5% financing allocation fee. In addition, no credit is given if life insurance premiums are not paid.

The sample payment plan for retirees who use 30.000 USD loan is as follows:

  • 2,842 USD each month for a 12-month term, totaling 34,100 USD
  • 1.591 USD per month for 24 months maturity, 38.188 USD in total
  • 1.182 USD per month for a 36-month maturity, a total of 42.562 USD
  • For a 48-month maturity, 984 USD will be paid each month and a total of 47.215 USD will be paid.

Good Finance Application for Special Needs Loans to Retirees


For retirees, a personal identity card and retirement monthly breakdown are required to apply for consumer loans . With these documents, applications can be made to the nearest Good Finance branches.

For retirement monthly salary breakdown, retirees will need to go to the branches of the banks from which they receive salary. Although retirees who receive their pensions from Good Finance do not need to receive this document, retirees who have an account at Good Finance are more advantageous in this regard.

The applications made in this way are evaluated within 24 hours. Good Finance can get its loans from its accounts with the general purpose loan payment made to the demand account opened at the time of application.

However, for the consumers who have not opened their accounts during the application, an account opening service will be realized again.

Retirement Needs Loan and Age Limit


The age limit in retirement loans for retirees is 80. People under the age of 80 and over 60 can benefit from this loan. 79 year olds can use this loan with a maximum term of 1 year and 78 year olds with a term of 2 years. In this way, all retirees can only benefit from this loan with maturities over 80 years old.

However, there is no limit for retirees under the age of 70. In addition to this, besides the advantages of unchanging interest rates, the bank has reduced the life insurance premiums of retirees.

Good Finance’s retirement accounts for the use of consumer loans will allow Good Finance to take advantage of its loan benefits.

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