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Because of a speck of indigo, broken milk sebelanga. This proverb is suitable for describing the condition of the trend of fast liquid loans from increasingly busy online sites. So many sites or online applications that offer quick liquid loans. But there are also some of them who are naughty and intend to cheat. In fact, a service in the form of an online loan is very useful for those who need it. When access to bank loans is hampered, online loans are the solution.

Without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic to come to the bank, loan funds can be grabbed immediately. No need to get out of transportation money again. Moreover, the offer of liquid fast loans that are the mainstay of the site or online application is more interesting than the credit process at the bank, which is more time consuming. Even more alarming, already hit by traffic, out of costs, waiting a long time, uh, loans declined by the bank.


That’s why online loans are a favorite


Evidently, if you enter the keyword “loan” in the Google Play Store or App Store, there will be a large selection of applications that offer liquid loans without any conditions, including guarantees.

That is one of the things that triggers the evil intentions of the people behind online loan providers who want to deceive consumers. For the public, especially laypeople, the knowledge to distinguish which liquid loan providers are deceptive and which must not be owned.

Here are the characteristics of deceptive liquid loans.


Not transparent

credit loans

Speaking of money, transparency is a must. Avoid online loan providers that do not provide clear and complete information.

That information includes fees and interest. Late payment fees, for example. Some charge late fees on a daily basis. If the total is a month, the amount could exceed the principal repayments.

If this information was explained from the beginning, surely people would not apply for a loan there. So things like that are hidden, usually covered by the lure of all kinds.


Terms are extremely easy

credit cards

It is true, one of the advantages of liquid fast loans offered online is the easy conditions. But that does not mean these conditions are as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

For example, there is no need for verification, which is important to provide personal data. The standard procedure for granting loans includes verification of the loan applicant. This is important to ensure the loan is in accordance with the target and can later be returned.

If there are no such conditions, maybe it’s just a mode to steal personal data. After the data is collected, communication is immediately cut off and they disappear like being engulfed by the earth.


Request private data

private loans

Online loan applications or sites request that data to the applicant is reasonable. But not all data can be provided, or that which includes private data.

Usually the data needed is according to the resident card, such as name, place / date of birth, and address. Other data such as tax identification number.

If they promise a quick liquid loan by requesting private data such as email passwords or even account PIN numbers, it’s better to immediately communicate. Such data can only be accessed by oneself, it cannot be shared with others because it is vulnerable to lead to criminality, such as account break-ins.


Pay first

money loan

This is the weirdest one. People want to find a loan, but are told to pay first. This fee is usually referred to as a down payment.

The promise later will reduce the number of the first installment. But, when it has been paid, let alone loans quickly disbursed, they will immediately run away.

This mode is more often used offline loan sharks. But it is also possible for online loan providers to do it, especially those who offer via email or SMS.


Not registered with OJK


This last characteristic is not 100 percent, indicating that online loan providers are deceptive. But the possibility of online loan applications or sites registered with the Financial Services Authority to cheat tends to be smaller than those that are not.

Because OJK has its own standards to allow operational activities of loan providers. If not registered, they may not meet these standards. Or it could be that registration is still in process.

To find out, you can check the OJK site periodically and ask directly to the site manager or application that provides fast liquid online loan services.

In addition, try googling or search for the name of the site or related application on the Internet. If there is news about a case involving them, it’s better to step back instead of getting into trouble.

No matter how urgent your needs for loans are, caution must still be given priority. Avoid grasping to see the tempting lure of the loan provider to neglect to ensure security.

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